Knik River Lodge in winter

Winter Fun at the end of the road

The last two winters we did not have much snow or the extreme cold spells like we used to. Just a few inches of snow on the ground and before you knew it summer was back and life at the lodge jumped into overdrive again.

This year is different. It’s been cold for months and a big storm dumped 2.5 foot of fresh powder in two days. Tomorrow the forecast calls for -22 Fahrenheit / -30 Celsius. School is closed since the road is not plowed yet so it’s the perfect time to strap on a pair of back country ski’s and visit my friend three miles down the road.

Back in Holland where I was born and raised this would be declared ‘Code Red’. Think 800 miles of traffic jams, emergency services out on the highways passing our blankets and hot cocoa, trains ground to a halt, major power outages, you name it.

Here in Alaska you just deal with it. Throw another log on the fire and adapt to the slower pace of life. My husband is outside plowing snow on the four-wheeler. There is so much snow it’s piling over the blade – looks like he’ll be at it the rest of the day.

On the way to my friend the only tracks on the road are from a moose. Their tall legs sure help getting around in the deep snow. When I look more carefully there are some other tracks: a willow ptarmigan was out here looking for food. Hard times for those guys.

Fat biking to the glacier

The cabins and the lodge look beautiful under their white blankets. Today some of our guests went sledding on the hill in front of the cabins. Lots of laughter and the kids looking like little snowmen, love it! Some other guests brought their Fat bikes, mountain bikes with 4” wide tires that you run on super low pressure so you ‘float’ on the snow. They biked all the way to the Knik glacier over the frozen river channels. Perhaps a good activity to offer our guests if we have the bikes for rent here…

“Beep, beep” I hear the plow truck coming in the distance, looks like life is getting back to normal again. Too bad, I really like these little embraces from mother nature.

Talk more soon!