Dog Camp

Summer Snow – Puppies, New Year, Iditarod and summer snow in Alaska

“Come on puppies, fluff up your fur, we’re going for a hike!” They both lift their heads and look at me in dismay. Our dogs spend the nights outside in their kennel and with temps around -10F they may have envisioned this day to be a lazy day inside, curled up on their comfy pillows next to the wood stove.

“Come on hairy monsters, it’s time!” I put on my winter boots and big parka so they know it’s serious. Our dogs love to run and play outside and they are now getting exited about a good long hike in the woods behind the lodge. They shake off their dreams of gigantic dog treats and jump outside, heading off on the trail of a snowshoe hare. Happy guys!

While trying to keep up, I wonder how Justin’s dogs are doing.

Dog Sled Tour

Justin Savidis is our lead musher who runs the dogsled tours on the glacier. They must be getting some good race training in with all the fresh snow. Justin is training his team and a client to run the Iditarod Sled Dog race this winter. The dogs run 80 to 100 miles a day for 12 to 14 days – pretty incredible. During the summer he has 45 of his dogs on Colony Glacier, where he offers sled dog tours in real snow from May to September.

Flower baskets and helicopters

In May we always have two very special days: the first one is when we hang the flower baskets on all the cabins for the summer season. The second is when we fly all the sled dogs and the equipment to the glacier. Everything gets packed into big bags and bundles and hooked onto the helicopter with a long line. The dogs go inside in special crates and the whole circus is flown to Colony glacier where they stay until early September. Loud barking of my two dogs put me back in the present. One of them is carrying something that looks like a snowshoe hare. Oh no, phew, the hare was lucky today; it’s half a moose leg, covered in snow and ice… Gross, but my puppies are besides themselves with their new treasure. “Come on, you monsters drop that leg” We’re going back home for some hot cocoa and (regular sized) dog treats.

Happy New Year!